Overdue Update!


Apologies it's been such a long timesince I last posted on my website. I hope you had agreat Christmas & New Year.

Today I have tidied up this site so I hope you like my new look. I have removed the galleries as I was unhappy with the links and instead I have added images throughout the pages so they are more accessible. The links to my Etsy shop remain as that is the best way you can purchase anything from me - unless you would like a commission in which case email me.

A lot has been happening at home hence my lack of blogging recently. My youngest has been struggling with mainstream school & suffers with a debilitating level of anxiety. We believe he may well be on the autism spectrum but await assessments currently. It has not been an easy journey for any of us but we have our heads up and we keep on fighting.

In the world of Cheery I had another good Christmas despite my lack of commitment (due to the above) so that has helped to motivate me again to give Cheery a bigger focus this year. Now that this website has had a makeover it is time to focus on adding stock to my Etsy shop as I noticed I have far more stock than is currently evident there! I could do with some brighter days, though, to aid product photography.

Well that's the update for now. All being well I will return soon.