My first blog post

Hello and welcome to my website and blog.

Since the story of Cheery Crafts can be found elsewhere on this website I won't repeat that here on this blog. This blog will tell the story from here onwards about all things Cheery as inspiration strikes. I don't want to be prescriptive about what this blog will include but hopefully it will be interesting! There is no doubt it will include my adventures with polymer clay.

As Mothers Day (or Mothering Sunday as I am told it should be called) is only a few weeks away I have been making some bears with little flower pots complete with a little flower recently. These little guys are called 'Glitter Bears' as I am using the FIMO quartz effect clays and glitter clays and I have to say I am really happy with how they have turned out. I found some tiny wooden flower pots on a visit to a retail craft outlet which inspired me to add the flowers. I filled the pots with brown clay to look like soil then made a tiny flower. I realised I needed to help the stem of the flower stand up so used some wire which I inserted into the stem before adding the flower head and then put the wired stem into the 'soil'. The bears, in a sitting position, then hold the pots with their paws.

I have learned that as polymer clay is baked at a low temperature, that you can bake card, paper, canvas, wood and glass in the oven with it with no burning at all. This gives plenty of scope to experiment with all sorts of things as I really enjoy a mixed media approach to creating stuff.

Photos of the bears will be added to the gallery soon.