Intellectual Property, Copyright & Design Right

At a recent craft fair a fellow stall holder overhead a browser say that she would have a look at both this website and the one of the other stall holder to see if she could find pictures of our designs so she could work out how they are made n order to copy them. Naturally the other stall holder kindly gave me a heads up. I love the way the crafting community supports each other in this way.

Needless to say the thought that someone would do this with little consideration to how this impacts on artisans makes my blood run cold. So this has caused me to update information on my about page to make absolutely clear that this contravenes laws that are there to protect designers and artists of all creative industries. Apart from that such behaviour is also immoral and unethical

So how does this impact on artisans? Well quite simply many of us make and sell things as a business to provide a livelihood to bring in income to support our families and ourselves. Every time someone copies and/or sells our work it takes away from us and negatively impacts on our business. It also gives some one else the credit for our own designs and hard work. Fortunately there are laws to protect us from such behaviour - and the law is quite clear on this matter. Here is a link that covers this:

The other thing to consider is why would anyone want to copy someone else's designs? What is wrong with coming up with your own ideas & designs. If you are creative enough to think 'I can do that' - then why don't you do 'that' using your own imagination & creativity? There is nothing wrong with taking away inspiration from other people's work - but copying it is an absolute no-no!

So my message to anyone out here is quite simply this: use your own imagination and creativity to make things - don't go around craft fairs with the sole intention of looking at other people's work and then go home to find ways of copying it and recreating it. You demean yourself in doing so and run the risk of the originator of the work taking action against you. If you want that piece then buy it and support hard working artisans in growing their businesses - and their families in the process!