Craft Fairs & More Craft Fairs

Craft fair season is truly underway with bookings easily increased on those events I attended last year - such is the power of networking!

I have learned in recent weeks that being a home crafter, especially when it is your main job, can be quite isolating. Being a people person that is quite a challenge for me so Craft Fairs are really important as an opportunity to meet & speak to folk, network when possible as well as promoting what Cheery Crafts does. I really enjoy these events so look forward to them however they do involve a lot of work!

Firstly there's the making (no hardship as I love that bit!), then there's the pricing & labeling to do, then there's the packing, loading the car, getting to the venue & then setting up. At that point I can sometimes feel that I've done a days work already - especially if it is an outdoors event & a gazebo has also been put up!

Then the fun begins - I love chatting to people and sharing the passion I have for my craft with them. So many people often look at my little characters and smile - and that for me is the whole point of making what I do: to make people smile. Whether I see the person who buys a little something as a treat for themselves, or not if the purchase is a gift for someone, that smile is what matters. Life is serious enough with all its challenges so a little something that makes someone smile and brightens their day, even if just for a moment, is always worth all the effort of creating, setting up a stall and selling. A little joy goes a long way.

If you would like to know where Cheery Crafts will be please check the list of events on the home page of my website.