I have had the pleasure of working with another crafter to create a lovely unique Christmas decoration, an example of which can be seen in the attached photo.

Collaboration between crafters with different skills and talents can be a delightful thing and that has certainly been the case here.

Sharne of Simply Sparkle Crafts is a multi talented crafter specialising in paper based crafts.

Such collaborations don't only birth beautiful things but also help to reduce isolation which can be an issue for those of us who do this as a full or part time occupation with a view to creating a profitable business. Isolation and loneliness can be the bane of crafters. Whilst some may prefer this for others of us this can be a challenge. I have learned Networking and developing relationships with other crafters or forming collaboratives can all help counteract this isolation. Sometimes the bonus can be a lovely & unique creation or few.

If you would like to see more of these festive snow globes check out my Facebook page which is linked elsewhere on this website or come and find me at a craft fair as listed on the home page if you are local.