Cheery Crafts News Feb 16

It's been a little while since I added a blog so this is overdue!

Firstly I am no longer at the Quayside Emporium. I decided my sales were too low to justify staying there. The place I was allocated made it difficult for people to find me (and it was poorly lit) - I had several people tell me they couldn't find my items. I have noticed that as hand crafters vacated their spaces that bought in stuff tended to replace them. For me I have learned that a retail environment where bought in, cheaper manufactured rather than hand made goods are sold is not really the right market place for my stock. So the question remains - is there a suitable retail environment available where sales are respectable enough to make the investment in rent or commission fees worth while? I will let you know how that goes! Nothing in the pipeline at the moment so watch this space.

What else has been going on in the world of Cheery? I am pleased to say I had a successful Christmas season so I am keen to build on this foundation. I have spent the past few months at all the fairs I attended evaluating which fairs work well for me - and which don't. This up coming season of events will build on this learning with new events being booked & some favourites in my diary as well.

Add to that a new range of products being developed whilst keeping best sellers going & moving away from those that haven't sold especially well. The learning curve continues and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

As well as all that I am pleased to working more with friend and fellow crafter Vicky who is a talented silversmith. We have lots of ideas bubbling away behind the scenes that we are currently exploring & developing. We will also be sharing some stalls in the future at some bigger events which will help us grow our own businesses too.

My Etsy shop remains open & you can find me on facebook & twitter for more instant updates. Details are elsewhere on this website. Catch up soon.

Charmaine x